Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grocery Shopping 101

 If your kids want to act like monkeys...treat them like monkeys. monkey see, monkey do

 teach them the basics of produce selection.
unless you want to be on restroom door duty, have the kids do their business before you leave the house.yes, it may be scary, but it's  better for the environment - so use the air dryer.

 Shop in the bulk section for extra savings. Yes, there is a pun intended here.  We are "deluxe mixed nuts", and we're proud.

 sometimes skipping, is absolutely necessary.

 Nap time?  No problem, we needed paper towels anyway.

 If the monkeys behave, get them the treat you promised before the adventure began.
 Mom's treat?  Water...?  Doesn't seem right.
another week's worth of groceries bought - check.

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  1. Better than being ordinary mixed nuts. You guys are too cute.